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The Badlands spawn

The Badlands is one of the main survival worlds on the Core Server, accessible through the World Hub. This area has Hard mode enabled and amplified biomes. It is open to all player ranks like the Survival World, but PvP is enabled and rules for griefing and theft do not apply. It contains three deployments and Badlands Arena.

History Edit

Pre-Serverpocalypse Edit

The Badlands was first created as a PvP-enabled world using the default Minecraft world on the server. The world was a large biomes map and was updated to contain a player-made Badlands Arena and multiple portals that players could take to different outposts for a fee. This was the precursor to the Deployment feature in the current world.

Post-Serverpocalypse Edit

After the Serverpocalypse, the Badlands was recreated using an amplified biomes map, for an even greater challenge. On May 15th, 2014, the Badlands Arena was reopened for all the glorious PvP combat.

Description Edit

Spawn Edit

The spawn of the Badlands features an enclosed room with various sci-fi machines and an invisible floor in the middle with empty space below. The spawn room is meant to represent the interior of a UFO and each Deployment is a different landing spot for players to choose from.

Valley deployment

The area around the Valley Deployment

Deployments Edit

The Badlands has three exits from the spawn, called Deployments. They take the form of portals that teleport players to different areas of the Badlands map. The currently available Deployments are as follows:

  • Overhang Deployment (Extreme Hills Biome)
  • Valley Deployment (Roofed Forest Biome)
  • Swamp Deployment (Swamp Biome)

Badlands Arena Edit

Main article: Badlands Arena

From the Badlands spawn, players can also teleport into the Badlands Arena, a PvP arena in which players can fight with their own equipment without worrying about losing items or experience.

Overworld Edit

The main playable area of the Badlands is an Amplified Biomes map, meaning gigantic mountains and hills. The world is also set to Hard mode, providing a challenge for players all around.

Badlands Nether and End Edit

Main articles: Badlands Nether and Badlands End

The Badlands contains its own Nether and End worlds that are separate from those accessible from the Survival World. These worlds inherit the same difficulty setting and griefing, theft, and PvP rules as the Badlands overworld. However, players must access these worlds in the natural sense, by building a Nether portal and finding an End portal.

Lore Edit

In the Badlands, players play the role of invading aliens who have come to a strange new planet to destroy and wreak havoc as they please.

It is said that the ghost of player nathanislulz still haunts new players in the Badlands.

Trivia Edit

  • The path to the Badlands world portal in the World Hub is paved with redstone
  • The Badlands world is actually the default world generated by the server, and the internal name of the world is "world." All player data is stored in this world's folder, and as such the Badlands must always remain loaded on the Core Server. This is also why vanilla Nether and End portals work in this world, but no others.
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