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The Build Team (not to be confused with Staff Members) is the team of players who work together with Nate and Heather to create builds for the servers. This includes buildings for NCC, new arena maps, setup for the Hardcore Server, and more. Builders are assigned projects to work on, and spend most of their time building with Creative Mode and WorldEdit. New builders are always welcome, and builder applications are always open on the forums.


Builder responsibilities include completing weekly build projects, making reports to staff, and helping other builders with their projects. Builders use tools such as WorldEdit and Creative mode, and as such must be trustworthy and have proven themselves responsible. Builders never use their tools for personal benefit.

Build Team Members

Active Members

Inactive Members

  • Candi (CandiHyphenPants)
  • Alexa (AlexaTheRaichu)
  • Key (civillyInsane)
  • Meister (littlemeister93)
  • Karl (the_nightmare666)
  • Dayna (ChaoticUnknown)
  • Rick (RuthlessDutchman)
  • Dustin (dustinrustin)
  • Rachel (Cardiaque)
  • Jack (SirJaques)
  • Tara (iRule2012)
  • Josh (rikulaxion1993)
  • Laurens (somrune)
  • Isaac (Ittwin)
  • Finn (FinchMyrtle)
  • Matt (MattInTheHat24)
  • Mike (GeminiOfSin)