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Core Server
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Basic Info
Alt Address
Version Spigot 1.8
More Info
Game Modes Survival, Creative (Iron+)
Founded On February 25th, 2012

The Core Server is the main server run by TMB. The Core Server is a 16+ Survival server with lots of extra features. The address for the Core Server is


The Core Server is a Survival server for players 16 and up. It serves as the main server in the TMB server network. The Core Server is mainly focused on enhanced-vanilla survival, but also features many different Arena modes, a creative Flatlands world for players Iron Rank and above.


  1. No Griefing or theft. Griefing is defined as the act of preventing others from fully enjoying the game. In Minecraft, this amounts to destroying others’ builds, lighting things on fire, placing random blocks on a player’s build, killing their livestock, etc. Do not steal from others’ chests, farms, etc. If something does not belong to you and you do not have permission to touch it, do not touch it!
  2. No disrespect, spam, or advertising. No chat conversations that are inconsiderate to other players. This includes, but is not limited to, spam, flirting/PDA, lewd or offensive language, roleplaying, being obnoxious, hate speech, insults, etc. Disrespecting or disobeying a staff member is a cause for banning. Players who create an uncomfortable or hostile environment in the community (particularly towards staff) may be banned.
    Spam is defined as repeated messages, all-caps messages, nonsense messages, etc. 
    Advertising is defined as providing links to other servers, websites, etc. Players who have established themselves on the server may provide links to their personal projects if relevant. No adfly links are accepted. Please use other link shortening services, such as bitly instead. 
    Staff reserve the right to decide what is spam and what isn’t.
  3. No cheats or mods that affect gameplay are allowed (for instance X-Ray and Flymod). Mods that do not affect gameplay, such as Zan’s Minimap and Optifine, are allowed, as they do not circumvent the rules or let players do things they are not supposed to be doing. Chat apps are also not allowed, as are any sort of third-party software that allows you to connect to our server without being in-game.
  4. Do not beg or ask to be given things. This includes begging for food, items, teleports, money, etc. Also do not ask to be promoted or made OP (unless you were supposed to be promoted, but weren’t for some reason).
  5. No offensive skins or builds are allowed. This includes offensive symbols or depictions of nudity. All users with offensive skins will be asked to change them immediately.
  6. The recommended age for this server is 16 and above. No players under 13 are allowed.
  7. You must be able to read and speak English to fully enjoy this server, as all the instructions are in English.
  8. Do not attempt to obfuscate your identity. Nicknames must include a significant part of your username or real name. This includes impersonation of staff, community figures (such as Mojang employees or PlanetMinecraft admins), or other players. This also includes lying about your age.
    Players who are familiar with your username must be able to tell who you are at a glance. All nicknames that do not follow these guidelines will be removed. Repeated offenses will result in revocation of nickname permissions. If you are unsure of a player’s identity, simply type “/realname <nickname>” to see a person’s real username. Also, all nicknames are prefixed with a tilde (~), so you can easily identify who is using a nickname.
  9. Players are responsible for the security of their account. Players must take full responsibility for any rulebreaking taking place on their account. This includes unauthorized access by friends and family members. Alternate accounts are not allowed, except with express permission from an admin. We use MCBans to help protect our server from repeat offenders on other servers. If you accrue too many bans on other servers running MCBans, you will be denied access to our servers automatically.
  10. Do not take advantage of exploits or try to circumvent the rules or moderation procedures. An exploit is defined as an unforeseen way to do something that you otherwise are not allowed to do. Examples of exploits are using block lag to go out of bounds, using vulnerabilities in the economy to amass large amounts of money, etc. All vanilla farms are allowed, except Iron and Gold farms. If you are unsure if something is an exploit or an intentional feature, be safe and ask a staff member. Please report all exploits to the forums.
    Circumventing moderation procedures is the act of trying to bypass features such as the chat filter and AFK manager. Specifically, trying to say blocked words is not allowed, as is using “AFK Machines” to go AFK without being kicked.

Type /rules on the server to read the rules at any time. Our server is protected by MCBans, a global banning plugin. Note that bans due to rule breaking may go on your permanent record, and can be seen by staff of other servers running MCBans. All our servers share the same bans, so being banned from one server means being banned from all our servers.

Violators will be kicked or banned, usually without warning. Consider the rules your warning.


The Core Server has multiple different worlds for its players, allowing for different play experiences. The worlds of the Core Server are as follows:

Major Worlds[]

  • World Hub - Main hub and gateway to other major worlds
  • Survival World - Main survival world, where a majority of players spend their time
  • Member World - Large-biomes survival world for players of Member Rank and above
  • Flatlands - Creative flatlands for players Iron Rank and above
  • Badlands - Amplified survival world with PvP and Griefing allowed

Minor Worlds[]

  • Survival Nether - Nether world for the Survival World
  • Survival End - End world for the Survival World
  • Badlands Nether - Nether world for the Badlands, PvP and Griefing allowed
  • Badlands End - End world for the Badlands, PvP and Griefing allowed
  • Void - Dark world, home of the Enderman Grinder
  • Storage - Staff-only flatlands

Inactive Worlds[]

These worlds are either inaccessible except by staff, or have been completely removed from the server.

  • Xmas - World for the 2014 Winter Event
  • Halloween - World for the 2014 Halloween Event
  • Melon - World for the 2014 Melon World Event
  • Creative - Old creative world
  • Private World - Nate and Heather's first world


Private Server[]

Long ago, in a time before even the blog in the ancient year of 2011, Nate and Heather decided to start a private Minecraft server. After months of playing together, Nate decided that a small private server wasn't enough and decided to expand. The server remained private for the most part, with players needing to be whitelisted in order to join. Then, in February 2012, the Core Server finally opened to the public


When the Core Server was first opened, players could visit the World Hub, Survival World, and an old Creative World. Nate and Heather's old Private World was hidden, allowing only trusted players to access it. During this time, the Core Server was intended to be mostly survival, but with an adventure twist. Multiple cities were built in the Survival World, however other plans never came to fruition, and were instead repurposed for the Adventure Server. Eventually, the default world was opened as the Badlands, and a Flatlands world was added as an extension of the old creative world.

Minigames were added during this time. These were all hand-built by Nate and Heather, and mostly featured mazes or platforming challenges. Infamous among the minigames was Temple Run, which attracted hordes of young children to the server. Arenas were added as well, particularly Capture the Flag and Spleef. At one point, the Core Server even had a working jail for punishing minor rulebreaking. Players could take a portal from the Hub to visit jailed players. This proved to be ineffective as a means of punishment, and the jail was soon closed.


After the Serverpocalypse, the Core Server was in a state of chaos. Due to the sudden disappearance of the server host at the time, all our worlds and data were lost, save for a months-old backup. A Temporary World was established on the Core Server while the Build Team worked on creating New Core City, which would serve as the new Survival World. The Temporary World had PvP and Griefing allowed, which was all that made sense, as the Staff Members did not have time to moderate.


Finally, two years after the Core Server opened, it reopened with brand new worlds. These worlds are still a part of the server to this day, and should be for years to come.


  • The Core Server uses up to 6gb of RAM, meaning very infrequent server lag.
  • On the very first host used by TMB, the Core Server address was

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