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Hardcore Server
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Basic Info
Alt Address
Version Spigot 1.9
More Info
Game Modes Survival
Founded On June 19th, 2014

The Hardcore Server is one of our servers, in which players can compete against one another towards different objectives. If a player dies on the Hardcore Server, they are out until the next season. The Hardcore Server address is


The Hardcore Server is a separate server in which players play competitive Hardcore Minecraft. In Hardcore Minecraft, players have one life. On the Hardcore Server, if you die, you are out until the next season. Each season has its own objective that can range from collecting certain blocks to killing mobs, to more adventure-oriented objectives. The winner(s) of each season receive a unique trophy, as well as 8 diamond blocks.


All the same rules apply from the Core Server, with the exception of the rules about griefing and theft. Particularly, the age limit, respect, and cheating rules still apply. The following rules apply to the Hardcore competition:

  • No player may win two seasons in a row, however players are free to compete in any season.
  • Players may not use Spectator Mode to provide other players with an unfair advantage. Any players caught doing this will be banned for cheating.
  • In order to officially win, players must submit proof of their victory on the forums.
  • Players may compete as a team (which may not be allowed in some seasons), however in order to win as a team, each member of the team must meet the victory requirements individually.
  • Players must compete in a sporting manner. Overly-competitive players may be disqualified or banned.


Players who have died are able to spectate living players through our custom spectation plugin. The following commands may be used:

  • /spectate <player> - Begin spectating another player
  • /spectate off - Disable spectator mode
  • /spectate hide - Block players from spectating you (usable by everyone)
  • /spectate list - List all available spectation targets
  • /spectate info - View your spectator status information (usable by everyone)
  • /spectate help - View all usable commands (usable by everyone)


Each season of the Hardcore Server features a different objective and winner. There was also a preseason before Season 1 that served as a practice run for the Hardcore Server.

Season Objective Map Winner
1 Dragon Slayer Normal Zildi


Gold Miner Amplified NONE
3 Eye Collector Normal


4 Tape Collector Flatlands


5 Titan Slayer Normal Fireice219 & Sheamusfitz
6 TNT Collector Normal KaptainChaozz
7 Beacon Builder Small bravelittleninja & Cardiaque
8 Monument Finder Very Large NONE
9 Castle Stormer Small Simply_Physics
10 Master Baker Very Small bravelittleninja


  • The Hardcore Preseason had the same objective as Season 1.