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The Member World, was one of the main Survival worlds, open only to those of Member rank and above. It contained 4 shops exclusive to the world and allowed for slight weather control (the ability to stop rain if wanted).

The member world was formerly accesible after ranking to member in the world portal in the World Hub. On the 3rd January, 2016 it was officially closed, due to lack of use. A temporary service was made available to allow players to transfer their builds to the Survival World.

History Edit

It had remained basically unchanged since the Serverpocalypse. It was officially closed on the 3rd January, 2016.

Description Edit

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The Member World was a large-biomes map set on normal difficulty in survival mode. The spawn was home to four shops and the weather control button, which was placed on the fountain immediate to spawning in.

The four shops were a hatchery, armoury, redstone shop, and apothecary.

Trivia Edit

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  • Before the Serverpocalypse, the Member World was accessible directly through the Survival World.
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