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Oceaninia City as viewed from the top platform of Meister's residence in the city.

Oceaninia City is a small riverside town founded by Maxie (Magmabutt_Maxie) in the Survival World of the Core Server. Its general appearance is that of a seaside/riverside town. Many of the town's buildings have a common connection in that they are made primarily from prismarine blocks. The city was founded around mid-May 2015 and has five current residents (as of May 30th 2015). Oceaninia City now has many of the necessary amenities in place and players are always welcome to build here.



Maxie began as a player of the server back in April 2015, and at first lived in a small abode not far from New Core City, but as he began to establish himself as a regular on the server, they then built a home in Santalune City. From there, Maxie began to plan not only builds for Santalune, but his own city. And it was while fishing on a small lake that Maxie came up with the idea to build a riverside fishing town. With the help of another player (BigBlu2), Maxie was able to find a good spot to found the city.

Originally it was only going to be a small little town, but Maxie's ambitions were bigger than a small town, and so it has begun to take the shape of a city. Maxie has been assisted by AlexaTheRaichu in building and planning the city.


Current City State[]

Meister standing outside the gate of the city, on the main bridge leading in and out.

As of 11th March 2016, Oceaninia City has several public buildings open.

  • Poseidon's Hideaway, a bar and fishing spot.
  • The community house, containing chests where players can take what they need and leave what they don't.
  • Oceaninia Observatory, a large observation tower.
  • Oceaninia Mall, where players can run their own shops.
  • Oceaninia Industrial Smelting Center, a public smelter. (Built by AlexaTheRaichu)
  • Enchantments Within, a public enchantment house. (Also built by AlexaTheRaichu)
  • A community farm, an aerial platform where players can harvest crops of all sorts (so long as they replant!).
  • A post office, where residents are able to receive items while offline.
  • As of May 26th of 2015, Oceaninia has a working minecart rail connecting to Santalune.
  • A large communal skyscraper where residents (and possibly non-residents) can decorate one floor.

Future Plans[]

At present, the only plans for the future are to expand the city to have more residents. Further amenities will be added most likely as the city gains more residents.


  • Maxie did not come up with the name Oceaninia for the city. The city was actually named by player civillyInsane.
  • Oceaninia is actually the name of a colour.