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An interior view of the station

The Spawn Village Railway Station is a railway station located in the Spawn Village. It has many rails that connect to many Towns and Player Builds in the Survival World. It is currently connected to 23 locations.


A map of the railway lines connected to the Spawn Village Station (Click to Enlarge)

The Spawn Village Railway Station was built collaboratively by rikulaxion1993 and Zildi in September 2014. It connects to several notable locations in the Survival World. The first connection to be added was between the Spawn Village and the Plateau Chateau.

The station building was updated in January of 2016 by rikulaxion1993 and XKJGX91.

Connected Locations[]

Eastern Line:[]

The old interior view of the station

Western Line:[]

  • MaxisFlame's House
  • Danville Junction
  • Emerald Grove

Southern Line:[]

Undella Line:[]

  • Mt. Olive
  • Mitakihara City
  • Junction
  • Hellfire
  • Tiny Phoenix
  • Undella Town

North-Western Line:[]

  • Neo-Babylon
  • WEP HQ
  • Project Potato

Oceaninia Line:[]

November City Line:[]

  • Junction
  • November City

Minor Lines:[]

TMB Land Line:[]

  • TMB Land

Meister's Home Line:[]

  • Meister's House

LeeoGets' Home Line:[]

  • Lakeside Apartments
  • LeeoGets' Home

Travel-Time Table[]

Location: Travel Time from Spawn Village
Plateau Chateau 5 mins
Santalune City 6-7 mins
Emerald Grove 5 mins
TMB Land 3 mins
Petrichor City 13 mins
LeeoGets' House 5 mins
Neo Babylon 5 mins
Project Potato 7 mins