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Staff Members are the driving force behind everything in the community. The Staff Team contains both Admins and Moderators, who each have different responsibilities. Moderators enforce server rules, check for griefing, solve disputes, and help with server planning and development. Admins, on top of the above, also are in charge of the Moderator team, and work by leading projects, solving server issues, and more.

Note that Staff Members and Builders are completely separate. One may be one, the other, both, or neither, however Moderators are not automatically Builders as well.

Staff Members



Former Staff

  • Alexa (AlexaTheRaichu)
  • Key (civillyInsane)
  • Candi (CandiHyphenPants)
  • Meister (littlemeister93)
  • Dayna (ChaoticUnknown)
  • Alex (Simply_Physics)
  • Dustin (MaxisFlame)
  • Dustin (dustinrustin)
  • Rachel (Cardiaque)
  • Josh (rikulaxion1993)
  • Rick (RuthlessDutchman)
  • Tara (iRule2012)
  • Laurens (somrune)
  • Matt (MattInTheHat24)
  • Mike (GeminiOfSin)
  • Paige (PaxWarrior214)
  • Sarah (SagaHero_7)
  • Sara (Grrlpower)
  • Nick (Husbear)