Since this is a wiki that will be edited by many people, it's important that we have a consensus about style. The following is a guide for how articles should be written to make the life of editors (particularly Nate) much easier. Please follow this guide when writing ANY article on this wiki.


Every Wiki article should have the following components:

  • A single-paragraph introduction that gives a brief overview or summary of the article
  • Two main sections: History and Description, with important information described in its respective category
  • Inline links to other articles
  • At least one category attached to it. See below for some categories

Most Wiki articles should have the following, if necessary:

  • An image alongside the introduction
  • Additional main sections: Lore and Trivia
  • Sub-headers inside each major section, used to further subdivide sections

You can put as many sub-sections into a section as you want, but please make sure it makes sense. There's no point having 10 subsections for something that only needs 3. Also try to avoid nested subsections whenever possible.


Most Wiki articles will have the following sections, in addition to a summary paragraph:

  • History - Lists the history of the object described in the article
  • Description - Describes the object of the article. This section is typically broken down into multiple subsections
  • Lore - Any in-game lore that exists for the object. If you are the creator of the object, feel free to make up your own Lore (just make sure it doesn't retcon any other server lore)
  • Trivia - Any fun facts, references, or background facts about the object, presented in bullet form


For most articles, formatting should be on the light side. Use bold for referring to the title of the article within the introduction and italics for occasional emphasis in the rest of the article. Underline and Strikethrough should NEVER be used.

Links to articles should be used whenever possible. One of the main strengths of a wiki is that its articles all link to other articles, allowing users to easily access related content. An article that does not link to any other articles is called a "Dead-End Page," as it requires the reader to go back if they want to find any more content. If you are referring multiple times to a topic that has an associated article, only link the article the first time it is mentioned in each main section. You can open the Link tool by typing CTRL + K, then typing in a URL or the name of an article to link.

  • Bullet Lists or Unordered Lists are easy ways to organize information
  • Use these where they make sense, but don't overdo them
  • Lists can be added from the Insert dropdown
  • Numbered Lists or Ordered Lists are not usually necessary

DO NOT use headers to format your article. These should be reserved for the structure of your article. Using them for incorrect purposes will confuse readers and cause the table of contents to display incorrectly.


All articles should be written in correct American English. As always, double-check your grammar and punctuation.

Articles should be written impersonally, meaning it should be written in 3rd person and as impartially as possible. Only the facts should be included, no opinions or judgement statements. Articles should be descriptive without being overbearing, allowing readers unfamiliar with the community to easily understand.

Article titles should refer to a singular idea, and shouldn't include definite or indefinite articles such as "The" or "An."

Staff members can be referred to by first name in articles (i.e. "... was built by Nate"), however all other players should follow the FirstName (UserName) format (i.e. "... was built by Rick (RuthlessDutchman)").


Most articles, particularly about specific things on our servers, should have images to show readers what the article is about. Nearly every article should have an image in its introduction, and a few in its main body. Optimally, each article should have one image per major section. In-game images should be taken in fullscreen (F11), with the HUD hidden (F1), and using the in-game screenshot tool (F2). Images from our servers should be taken in Nate's Resource Pack.

The main image for each article should be an actual image of the object described in the article. For instance, if you are writing an article on a town or build, the main image should be a screenshot of the town or build itself.

When using images in articles, they should be placed so that their anchor is above the paragraph that you want it to go with. Images should be 350px wide, allowing readers to clearly see them without expanding.


Categories help readers find what they're looking for. Below are some categories and what kinds of articles they contain.

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