Spawn Village

The Survival World is the main world of the Core Server, and is where players spend most of their time. The Survival World allows players to play survival Minecraft, explore New Core City, and more. The Survival World can be accessed via its world portal in the World Hub.

History Edit

The Survival World is the longest-running world on the Core Server.

Pre-Serverpocalypse Edit

The Survival World was created shortly before the Core Server was opened to the public in February 2012. It was designed as a place for new players to play that was separate from the Private World. The Survival World featured many cities, including Wintergate, Snowport, Arc Basin, Cloudveil, and Laketown. Originally, the world was intended to have adventure aspects, such as dungeons, treasure chests, and hidden lore. This idea was eventually repurposed for the Adventure Server.

The spawn of the Survival World featured portals for the Survival Nether, and Survival End, as well as a Free Chest and Zotzz Corp traders.

Post-Serverpocalypse Edit

After the Serverpocalypse, the old Survival World was scrapped in favor of starting anew with the Minecraft 1.7 terrain generator, since the old world had been created in Minecraft 1.1, and was plagued with chunk borders where chunks were generated in new versions. The Survival World was then completely redesigned, with New Core City built at its spawn. The world has been running ever since, and hopefully will continue to serve the community for a long time to come.

New cities have now sprung up around the survival world including Santalune City, Project Potato, The Plateau Chateau, Neo-Babylon, Petrichor City, Emerald Grove, and others. New players often flock to cities with many active members in them, and so as a result these cities have flourished and grown considerably.

Description Edit

The Survival World is a large biomes map set on normal difficulty in survival mode. The spawn of the world is New Core City, through which players must pass to take a portal to build-enabled areas. The Spawn Village is located directly after the portal out of the city, and is where many players build their homes.

The Survival World may be accessed directly from the World Hub via its respective world portal. While in the Survival World, players may directly access the Survival Nether, Survival End, World Hub, and the Void.

Trivia Edit

  • Vanilla Nether and End portals do not work in the Survival World, due to the structure of the world folders. Players should instead take the portals in New Core City.
    Portals and Trade-Ins
  • The name of the Survival World's world folder is "NewSurvival"
  • Players sometime refer to the Survival World as "Free World," "Free Survival," etc. These names are incorrect.
  • Before the Serverpocalypse, the Member World was accessible directly through the Survival World.
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