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Welcome to the wiki for The Minecraft Blog. This wiki can be edited by anyone in the community! The wiki is currently under construction, so don't be surprised if things are missing, or change unexpectedly. Feel free to search for a page. Can't find what you're looking for? Create it or request that it be created! Make sure to visit our Forums to stay active with the community!

Read the Wiki Rules and Style Guide before making any edits!

This Wiki IS:

  • A collection of info and lore for The Minecraft Blog servers and community
  • A place to learn more about the background of our community

This Wiki IS NOT:

  • The official Minecraft Wiki (you can find that here)
  • Affiliated or associated with Mojang in any way
  • Our official website (duh)
  • A place to report issues (see the forum, instead)
  • A substitute for legal advice
  • Edible
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How To Help:

  • Start Pages: See a red link? Create the page and write anything you know about the subject! Also check out the Needed Pages.
  • Add Information: See an article that's missing some information? Feel free to add it! Also check out the list of Article Stubs.
  • Add Images: If you see an article without an image, consider adding one! See the category of pages that need images.
  • Categorize: Add articles to categories, especially if they aren't currently in one!
  • Request Changes: Think an article needs an edit, but can't do it yourself? Leave a comment!

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