The Void-1

The main platform in The Void

The Void is a world that is located in the depths of space itself. The Void is home to the darkness of space and the few things that inhabit that space. However, there is some light in The Void. The Void serves as the place where the Enderman Grinder is located, as well as an expansion shop under Beardy Co.

History Edit

The Void was released in February 2015 as a world to contain the Enderman Grinder. Shortly after its opening, the Beardy Co. trading stand was opened by player request.

Description Edit

Void Portal

The portal to The Void, located in Zotzz Plaza, to the east of spawn in New Core City.

The Void is an empty world on the Core Server that contains the Enderman Grinder and a Beardy Co. trading stand. The Void can be accessed through the portal in the Zotzz Corp plaza in New Core City.

Lore Edit

Legend has it that when the World Hub was created, a dark mirror image also came into being. Over time, residents of the Survival World began to notice places where the fabric of the worlds seemed to be thinner. Through these cracks, strange voices could be heard, calling them into the abyss. Zotzz Corp, always quick to capitalize, commissioned a device that would open one such crack in their own plaza. When they finally arrived there, though, they found that their rival Beardy Co. had already set up shop. To this day, nobody knows how Beardy managed to get there first, and Beardy himself has vigorously denied comment on the matter.

Trivia Edit

  • There is no way to jump off the edge of the platform.
  • The Enderman Grinder was not originally part of the Void world. It was originally in the Survival End, but after many complaints about the low spawn-rate in the Survival End, (Mostly due to players being in the end island itself.) the Enderman Grinder was then moved to the Void.
  • The Void world was actually created because of the Enderman Grinder.
  • The spawn rate for the Enderman Grinder actually increases by a significant amount if there is one person in the Enderman Grinder and one person outside in the main platform area.
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