TMB Wiki

Since this Wiki will be edited by many different people, it's important that rules are established to keep changes orderly and rulebreakers in check. Follow the rules below, and you should be alright!


  1. No Griefing. Griefing is defined as making intentionally disruptive edits, including Spam. Griefers will be permabanned.
  2. Follow the Style Guide when writing articles. Users who repeatedly ignore the style guide will be temp banned.
  3. All content should be truthful, impartial, and your own work. Do not plagiarize other sources. If you want to use outside information (which should rarely happen on this wiki), source it using the built-in reference system.
  4. Images used in articles should be pertinent and well-taken. Images that are irrelevant or of poor quality will be removed. Please follow the Style Guide for all images.
  5. Material that is untruthful, offensive, disrespectful, incoherent, irrelevant, or in any way improper for this Wiki will be removed.