World Hub

The World Hub (or just Hub) is the central world on the Core Server, through which players can access the rest of the server. The Hub also is the location of all Arena modes.

History Edit

Pre-Serverpocalypse Edit

Before the Serverpocalypse, the Hub was a small area in a separate world that included a spawn box where players had to read the rules, portals to the main worlds, the Utility Center, a player lounge, Minigame portals, and the Arena Hub. The old hub had a castle courtyard theme.

Post-Serverpocalypse Edit

The current form of the Hub was built by Nate to coincide with the reopening of the Core Server. During the voting period for the 2013 Players' Choice Awards, a small voting booth was opened behind the central pool.

Description Edit

The World Hub is a large, circular area in a void world that serves as the central point for all worlds and features on the Core Server. In the center is a large pool of water where players land when warping to the hub or leaving the spawn box. Surrounding this pool is a ring of trees, and beyond that are each of the branching areas. Some of the main areas are outlined below.

World Portals Edit

World Portals

Directly in front of the main pool are the world portals. These are deeper pools of water that serve as portals to each of the four main worlds: The Survival World, Member World, Badlands, and Flatlands. The former two are directly in the back and the latter two are on the sides. The arches in front of the Member and Flatlands portals reject players that cannot access those worlds by teleporting them back a few paces.

Utility Center Edit

Utility Center

The Utility Center contains signs and bookcases that direct players to different info commands, allowing them to reread the rules, and reminding them of how to read info commands. The Utility Center is located to the left of the main pool.

Arena Hub Edit

Arena Hub

The Arena Hub is the area of the Hub where players meet to engage in different Arena matches. It sports a netherbrick and obsidian theme. Along the main hallway of the Arena Hub are rooms for each arena mode. Inside these rooms are join signs for each specific map. Players can also view their Spleef stats here.

Other Areas Edit

The Hub is home to a few other areas, including:

Lore Edit

Rumor has it that a special item called The Heart of the Hub is what powers the magical floating Hub. Who knows what would happen if it were to be removed!

Legend also tells that the Hub was once a thriving world with its own people and history, however a hungry demon devoured the entire world, leaving only the void. One brave adventurer was able to defeat the beast from within by excising its heart. This Heart of the Destroyer was then sealed away somewhere where the demon could never find it.

Trivia Edit

  • The airship in the Hub shoots snowballs from its cannons. Now if only there was a way to get up there.
  • Players are completely invincible in all areas of the hub, except for arenas. Hunger is also disabled entirely in the hub.
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